An Objective 3rd Party

With over 25 years of business development experience working with large and small professional service firms as well as technology companies, Kevin is well versed in:

  • Solution selling
  • Selling for value
  • Spin selling

Kevin applies these skills as an objective 3rd party who can help you ascertain the most effective narrative that is not only congruent with your brand, but can accomplish your revenue/marketplace goals.

The Power of Story Telling

Kevin is not so much a videographer as he is an effective storyteller. Effective story telling is important because when an audience consumes uninteresting information they are not motivated to want to learn more. However, the latest neuroscience research reveals that when your audience hears a compelling story, their brains actually change dramatically. Not only are the language processing parts of the brain activated, so are the parts that would be used if they were actually in the story themselves. As a result, a story told in a compelling fashion allows an audience to experience it as if it were real. This kind of emotional involvement is the difference between an effective vs. not so effective promotional video.

How We Will Work Together

Compiling the Narrative

KLL Video will engage in a lengthy information gathering exercise that will uncover common objections and better understand your value propositions. Our goal is to begin with the end in sight. We will determine precisely what it is you seek to accomplish with your video and use every word, every angle, every special effect to accomplish that goal. When this phase is complete, the production kicks off with the creation of a script.

The Script

Underlying every effective promotional video is the creation of an effective script. Kevin places a great deal of emphasis on scripting because it:

  • Is an opportunity for both parties to co-develop the narrative
  • Determines the general feel and design
  • Affects how the story is told visually
  • Ques the vocabularies (lens angles, graphics, special effects, text, etc.)
  • Drives the level of emotion in the narration
  • Delivers the messaging that drives the desired audience response
  • Allows us to create the storyboard
Filming and Editing

With the script and storyboard complete, we will shoot the video. Locations will be determined by the script and storyboard. We can shoot indoors, outdoors, in studio, at your company, anywhere we need in order to effectively tell your story. In the editing phase the collaboration continues. We will share drafts and elicit your feedback before going final.

To learn more about Kevin’s story telling and video-making process, watch this brief video. Watch Video